The best of times, the worst of times

With a nod to DD, here is my year in review:

January: The start of our first IVF.

February: The worst moment of our infertility career – only two follicles at first stim scan and the realisation that we could be dealing with an ovarian reserve problem.

March: Two eggs retrieved, both fertilised, two embryos transferred and a pregnancy against all odds. And then another miscarriage. Followed by baby #3’s due date. Not a good month.

April: Another failed cycle.

May: Another pregnancy, another miscarriage, another missed birthday. And then the hardest blow of all, confirmation of our worst fears – an FSH of 17. Definite ovarian reserve problem and virtually no chance of a baby. IVF #2 begins.

June: Only one slowly developing follicle despite antagonist flare protocol with max dose stims. Cancelled. TSI. Pregnant again. Devastated again.

July: Another pregnancy. Looking good this time. Ha ha, only joking. Massive hair loss. Time to stop.

August: Blah.

September: Back to the clinic on the sly. Pregnant again.

October: Still pregnant.

November: Still pregnant.

December: Still pregnant.

4 Replies to “The best of times, the worst of times”

  1. Feebee what is the due date? I don’t think you have ever mentioned it. Amazing how the year started for you and then turned itself around. Just goes to show you that when things are meant to happen they will happen.

  2. I hope you stay pregnant until, of course, this little one is due. Think of what you will be able to write next year:
    . . . I haven’t slept in months!

  3. Hi FeeBee,
    I just came upon your blog with some random clicking on web pages. However having spent some time looking over your blog, i felt compelled to leave a comment. Your storey is an amazing storey, i will not begin to compare myself to you as i cant.I’m a father of a 16 month old girl, and baby #2 is due in a few weeks. I thank god every day and consider myself very lucky that god has blessed my wife and i with the ability to have children.

    Like i said i cant compare stories with you as i have none.

    But i would like to wish you the very best of everything in the coming months of your pregnancy and i look forward to your regular updates on your progress on this blog.

    You and your family will be in my thougts and prayers.


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