Still here

Just a quick note to say that I am still here, willing, wanting and waiting to write.  It’s just every time I think of it someone is crying or whinging and stopping me in my tracks.  I need 100% peace and quiet and lots of time to write.  So see you soon.  Hopefully.

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  1. 100% peace and quiet and lots of time to write, huh?

    I’ll pencil you in for another blog entry in 8 years or so… 🙂

  2. Your welcome!!! Congrats! You WILL get pnergant. I thought I was hopeless and I was trying for almost 2 years! Have hope and do it the natural way. By the way, can they unblock your fallopian tube? Many cases that’s easy unblocked without damaging anything Just remember DON’T DO SURGERY on your cyst. They damage more ovary than you like and after surgery you have to wait to get pnergant and plus, you may get it back. It’s the diet that fights it. Get it to go away the same way it came!

  3. / This is a lovely, rtlovaeery post. Thanks for writing it.I feel sad as I read it. Having worked with emotions for many years, I have learned that guilt is 1) a synthetic emotion, 2) a hidden form of anger it’s about anger (turned against the self) when you feel you don’t have a right to feel it. This anger usually results from the position that you will lose, no matter which way you go to deal with having a third child or to give it up. If you want to release the guilt, acknowledge and feel the anger that’s under it, and the hurt that’s under that. Personally, I don’t do guilt any more (and haven’t for more than 20 years). What’s in your heart, in my learning, is there to show you what’s right for you to do. You owe apology or consideration to no one for following what’s in your heart. Do you think Mother Theresa, Buddha, Jesus, Martin Luther King or any number of other individuals we admire would really think of NOT following what’s in their heart?I say go for it. Enjoy that third child. Each of us has our own path through life, so we can learn the things we individually need to explore and learn. Let us know whether it’s a boy or a girl! Ilene

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