Feebee – 1 DPO

We have been TTC No 2 since May 2005. DS was conceived straight away, so we took a fairly relaxed approach for the first month – DH was convinced his super-sperm would be all the help we would need. When super-sperm failed us, I jumped head-first into the crazy world of TTC and the all-encompassing obsession of the 2ww. They say there are no guaranteed symptoms on the 2ww, but I say millions of crazy ladies would beg to differ. In fact, they would beg and plead and scour the universe for just one tiny, negligible little symptom; CM, twinges in abdomen, sore boobs, crying during Eastenders – it’s got to mean something!

So my plan is to keep a diary of the 2ww signs and symptoms, ups and downs, BFNs and BFPs, so that crazy ladies the world over can find some symptoms, some patterns and some comfort in the TTC endeavours of others. If you’re interested in writing a TTC diary starting any time from 2 weeks from now, I’d love to hear from you and please get in contact – either leave a comment below or email me at fionasoundout at hotmail dot com.

Let’s begin…

1 DPO. At least I think it’s 1dpo. Sadly, I had a miscarriage at 5 1/2 weeks on 11 September so I’m not sure if my cycle has returned to normal yet. We were determined that the only way to cope with what happened was to get pregnant again asap, so I treated the first day of bleeding as CD1 and did an OPK on CD8. I was very surprised to get a faint line, as I only ever got one faint line before an LH surge. I was even more surprised to discover EWCM and O cramps the next day, and decided to proceed as though I was ovulating and BD accordingly. EWCM and cramps continued, no more lines on OPKs until Saturday when I got a very strong line. Hmmm, maybe first line was a false alarm, so am now assuming that I ovulated on Sunday, which brings us back to 1dpo……

Would you believe me if I said I had sore boobs already? I’m going to try and be very objective, so I won’t report any imaginary symptoms. My boobs are not sore to the touch, but there’s a slight ache BEHIND them. I remember this from my pregnancy last month, although it did not happen so early. They’re not sore in any other way though, no tingly nipples, no large veins.

I have a little “creamy” CM (also had this last time for entire 2ww). I think I should state here, for the record, that on this site there is NO SUCH THING as TMI. We want as much information as you have, every little detail counts – if there’s some globular brown stuff on your pants, please let us know! If your poo is an odd shape or texture, please tell us!! There’s nothing (no, nothing!) worse than trawling through pages and pages of 2ww wait symptoms, only to find one that slightly matches one of yours. Yes I had a little bit of brown gunge when I wiped yesterday, but tell me how much, what texture, did it smell, what did it look like??? So, back to my CM – it’s a creamy colour, it’s thicker and more solid than any other CM I get, and there’s about 2cm x 1cm of it on my pants. And it doesn’t smell. Well, not from a distance!

I haven’t been tired today, but I do have a feeling of heightened senses. The colour of the sky grabbed my when I was walking to work, and I found myself studying people’s faces, trying to figure out their stories. Because of this feeling, I’ve been finding it hard to concentrate today. Maybe I’m just weird.

And that’s it. No cramps, no twinges, nothing else. I don’t temp, so can’t tell you about that. Just feeling very positive, convinced I’m pregnant already. Sure, you gotta have something to get you through the 2ww.