Out of office

Off on hols for a while to clear head and get a bit of perspective.

5 Responses to “Out of office”

  1. Artblog says:

    Enjoy my dear Feebee, may the cobwebs of your mind be dusted away ­čÖé X

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds great – good luck with that.

    But seriously, if you find a way to get perspective, could you please let me know too?


  3. peep says:

    Hi Feebee. I’m checking in after a long absence. I’m sorry to see what a tough time you are going through. The video of Into My Arms made me cry. I listened to it as I caught up on your posts. You are so beautiful and you have a beautiful family. I hope you find peace soon.

  4. Fleta says:

    I feel for Ms. Moigtarely-Hdeh I.Q. Anonymous– around this weblog, with the likes of Greg Cochran weighing in from time to time, a 1350 (oldstyle) SAT is moderately high. Hell, I wouldn’t rate myself above “moderately high” (1450 oldstyle).

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