Once an addict, always an addict

I peed on a stick today.  Why?  Because it was there.  No, that’s not strictly true.  Because I wanted to see what would happen.  Because I wanted to see how I would feel as the pee moved across the stick, as the control line appeared, as I waited for a hint of colour in the test line.  Nothing.  Not a jot.  Just a damned evaporation line.  It was an OPK.  I am breastfeeding exclusively.  I was disappointed.  Some things stay with you.

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  1. I think we should start a support group for pee stick addicts anonymous. My name is Jane and I am a pee stick addict. I am controlled by pee sticks and my life has become unmanagable!

    PS I’ve become a blogger, feel free to pop by and say hello. Loved the photos of Anna btw. What a little doll :o)

  2. I have peed on a number of sticks even though I have had the staple! I am always a little disappointed.. I don’t think wishing or that longing ever disappear.
    Hope the family are well.

  3. Careful. My mom got pregnant four months after giving birth to me. Women think it can’t happen while they’re nursing, but that’s not true. It also happened to my cousin just three months after the birth of her little girl. Now she has TWO little girls and they’re exactly one year apart. Needless to say, she’s exhausted.

  4. Thanks Hortensia but actually I would love to be pregnant again! Don’t imagine it’s going to happen but I can dream…

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