Normal at last

Baby was alive and kicking on today’s scan. Well, was actually asleep for most of it but definitely alive. All is as good as it can be. And the best news – “this is now a normal pregnancy”. Now, if a normal pregnancy is one where the nursery is decorated and the birth plan is written by six months, then this is never going to be a normal pregnancy (my birth plan will probably be: get the baby out alive by whatever means necessary). But if normal means that my baby has as much chance of life as any other 16w3d baby, then that’s the best Christmas present I could hope for.

In other good news, my nausea has reduced to negligible levels, I can stay up until midnight at a push, I have started to put on a few pounds and I have a definite bump. My god…………………I am pregnant!!!

8 Replies to “Normal at last”

  1. Wonderful news Feebee. You are in my thoughts often! Take care of yourself and have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Normal YAY! haven’t used that word in relation to pregnancy in years, so double YAY! Have a fab Xmas!


  3. Got goosebumps reading your post 🙂 Oh how i know that feeling, after one neo natal death and 4 miscarraiges to be told my pregnancy was viable at 24wks was the best news ever, Wishing you and yours a very happy christmas 🙂 PI xxx

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