In brief

Cramps Friday night. Nausea Sat and Sun but no vomiting. Very little nausea Mon and Tues. Meltdown. Too chicken to call obs for scan, just not ready for another miscarriage. Wed – an early vomit and hunger-related nausea. Thurs – nausea back to psychologically comfortable level. No better birthday present. Well, that and the fantastic camera and lens I got from my wonderful friends and family.

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  1. Hi Fee,
    The nausea is going to go someday, probably soon, and then you can start to enjoy your pregnancy, they say the second tri is the best.
    Happy birthday, dont panic when the nausea ends, celebrate!

  2. Jesus Feebee you had me freaking out for a second there! Hope other than the nausea you’re doing well. Always thinking of you guys!

  3. Happy birthday! Not glad you’re sick, but glad the nausea is back at a mentally comfortable place for you though….

    Sorry to hear about the last few days; glad the nausea is back to reassure you a bit. When is your next scan?

  5. Happy B-Day Feebee and the gift sounds brilliant. Your nausea will come and go now that you are over 10 weeks, so that is perfectly normal. It is such mental torture though, it’s just not fair that you cannot relax..I know the feeling all to well. You are close to 11 weeks now right? when is the next scan? (I know the hairs stand up on your neck when asked that question-sorry)

  6. Gosh Feebee, your roller coaster ride is upsetting MY stomach! I’m glad you got two great birthday presents. Happy Birthday!

  7. Phew! You had me worried there for a minute. Belated happy birthday and hope all continues to go well.

  8. Hi there Feebee. Checked your blog after ages and am overjoyed for you. Was really hoping against hope and hey, I guess hoping can do wonders! I had a baby girl on August 16th and am away on maternity leave. DD and DS are overjoyed to have a baby sister. Trust you are doing well.

  9. Argh – you had me worried there!! Glad(and not glad) that the nausea is back at comfort levels…belated birthday wishes…


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