High FSH

I get a lot of traffic to this site from people searching for information on high FSH. Here is my take on it.

Follicle Stimulating Hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland and stimulates the ovaries to mature follicles in preparation for ovulation. An elevated level (>10mIU/ml) on day 3 of the menstrual cycle indicates that the brain is having to work harder to stimulate the ovaries; this is thought to be related to a diminished ovarian reserve. It also means that the patient is unlikely to respond well to ovarian stimulation medication used in IUI and IVF. Doctors tend to agree that you are only as good as your worst FSH result and that a lower result one month does not cancel out a poor result another month. However, there is no consensus on whether or not a low quantity of eggs also indicates a low quality of eggs. Many reports suggest that a younger woman with high FSH has a much better chance of success than an older one with the same FSH level because her eggs are younger and therefore likely to be of better quality.

Conventional thinking suggests that patients with high FSH have a very reduced chance of pregnancy, either with or without assistance. However, we do not know the FSH levels of those with no fertility problems so it is not possible to say that those who conceive easily always have low FSH levels. It is possible that an elevated FSH level in itself does not predict pregnancy outcome but that coupled with poor egg quality and/or other fertility problems, it may seriously reduce the chance of pregnancy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that FSH and related egg quality can vary extensively from month to month and that this can be improved with the help of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Practitioners believe that stress can play a big part in raising FSH levels and that this does not necessarily indicate lower egg quantity or quality.

A real life friend recently started trying for a baby. She conceived after a few months but sadly miscarried. She had had day 3 and 7dpo bloodwork done early on, mainly to make sure she was ovulating. Her GP had told her that all the results were normal and she hadn’t questioned it any further. After her miscarriage she asked me advice on a few things and I asked about her FSH level, just to rule that out as a problem. She looked up the number and called me back straight away. It was 13.4, she was 33 years old. I recommended, as casually as I could, that she make an appointment with a fertility clinic, just in case. She did but never got to keep it as she conceived shortly afterwards and everything has gone well since. So, with an FSH level of 13.4, she conceived fairly easily twice. If I hadn’t mentioned it, she would never have known about the high level.

My first FSH test, at age 35, showed my level to be 4.6. I was happy with that and didn’t think to research it any further. We carried on with tests and treatment (we were dealing with male factor infertility) for a year and a half before falling at the first hurdle of IVF. When I went for my first follicle scan after a week of ovarian stimulation, there were only three follices. Not the 15 or so I’d been expecting. I couldn’t believe it. My FSH levels were normal so how could this have happened? The nurse checked my blood test results. Yes, my FSH level was low but my E2 (oestradiol, a form of oestrogen) was over 400 pmol/l. Normal levels are below 275. A very high E2 level can suppress a high FSH level and give a low reading. My FSH should have been retested, the nurse guessed it would have been at least 10. A further week on ovarian stimulation medication yielded no further follicles but we went ahead with egg collection. We got two eggs, miraculously both fertilised and were transferred, pregnancy resulted, miscarriage followed.

The following month, my FSH level was 17. A subsequent IVF cycle was abandoned after only one measly follicle was produced after two weeks of stimulation on the highest dose of meds possible. We triggered, tried on our own anyway. Two weeks later, two lines. Another miscarriage. Another natural cycle, another pregnancy, another miscarriage. What was going on? I wasn’t supposed to be conceiving at all with my FSH level of 17. (As for the MFI, my husband had had a varicocele ligation in the meantime and his semen analyses results were back to normal). It was retested, still 17. At this stage we reckoned IVF was a waste of time and money and invested our efforts in trying to stop the miscarriages rather than trying to conceive in the first place. I was already on Cyclogest, aspirin, Heparin, HCG shots and Prednisolone each cycle and had started Low Dose Naltrexone. I was also doing acupuncture 2 or 3 times a week, depending on the stage of my cycle.

I took a month off and took a huge dose of antibiotics, designed to combat any low grade infection in my uterus that may be hampering my pregnancies. Next cycle I took 50mg of Clomid days 3-7 and all the above meds from ovulation. It worked. At the age of 37 and with an FSH level of 17, I supposedly had a statistical probability of about 2% of conceiving and even less of carrying to term.

There was something preventing me carrying to term but I don’t think it was high FSH. I had six miscarriages in a row – what are the odds that I recruited six bad eggs in a row, that were eager and willing to be fertilised but unhappy to stay the distance?

This time around I was too chicken to test. I was just too terrified that the result would be in the twenties and that would be the end of it. We were going to try anyway so I didn’t see the point in knowing, at least not at the start. And here I am, seven weeks pregnant with a healthy heartbeat, conceived with the help of nothing but acupuncture and a HCG trigger shot on my third postpartum ovulation. I am 39.

I completely understand if my few remaining readers are reaching for the Unsubscribe button. I have done that. I’m not even sure if this post is the start or the end of something.

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  1. Grainne – that is great that they are taking you seriously now. I really hope they find something that can be fixed. I always remember having tests done and being in two minds about what I wanted from the results – mostly, I wanted everything to be ok but I also wanted them to find something that could be fixed. I think in your case, there is definitely something to be found so I really, really hope this is it. Good luck!

  2. Hiya Fiona,

    You must be near your due date at the mo..how long more do you have left? Hope your keepin ok…

    Dh got the sa repeated & morphology was low again..Im a bit annoyed with my own gynae to let this pass in jan 08, we could have been so much further down the line now if he had followed up on this for us at that time….Anyhoo..( let the anger pass!!)

    on the basis of the low morphology we got the dna fragmentation done for dh…& yes it was low..so this it seems is our problem…that has taken us 3 years & 7 miscarriages to find…
    Because of the low result it seems that ivf is our only option..& thats ivf with icsi..& also it seems because of my age (turning 39 in feb) blastocyst is highly recommended for a better chance of it all working out ok..
    from rough calculations it seems what we need will be costing us around €8000…which I hadnt bargained on..
    (thats some of our house savings gone.) I know if it all works out it will be worth it in the end….but if it doesnt…and theres no guarantee with ivf as you well know..I cant see us being able to afford to repeat this all again…

    I really feel this is a money game..even from trying to get answers from the nurses…who arent great at returning phone calls unless its to tell you how much someting costs..
    theyre insisting on us both gettin the repeat baseline screening done in the clinic..at a cost of €180 p.p. ( 360 for the 2 of us)..Im insisting on getting the 1st lot of these bloods done in my docs as a cost of approx €35 p.p. ( a bit of a difference.) saving us nearly €300..
    The cost is really gettin to me…its eating me up..but Im gonna have to leave this feelin go..& look towards this treatment & tink positively..for what its worth…

    but I do feel this dna fragmentation need to be more advertised..its something which could have saved us almost 2 years of waiting & 4 miscarriages..It could help others too in our situation..& God knows theres plenty of others at a loss to know whats causing their problems..

    Talk again soon,

    & best of luck to you.


  3. Grainne – I’m glad you got some answers at last but I know IVF is still such a daunting prospect. I hope the fact that you do conceive fairly easily will mean that once you make an embryo with good sperm, it will develop and implant well. The cost is so frustrating though – I remember the dread of visiting the clinic, knowing there would be some unexpected cost every time I asked a question. Do get as many of the blood tests as you can done in advance with your GP. You’re right about the fragmentation – I’ve only heard about it in the last year or two and it seems to be something that is tested when all else fails, rather than something that is brought up at the stage of the first SA. Have you got as far as thinking about dates yet?

  4. Hi Fiona,

    tanks for your reply…
    I know what you mean about extra costs every time you ask a question…I tink our clinic (Kilkenny) are on the verge of asking us to leave as “I ring up & ask so many questions”!!!-or so they say…
    well not so many questions..as asking the same ones over again, but not gettin a straight reply…Its so frustrating..
    I had a day of it on wednesday..trying to arrange to get our bloods done in my docs, to save us sum money..God the hassle…Ive been trying to arange this since last week… I really dont understand their logic,
    theyre gonna get a good few thousand euros from us anyway…it seemed they put up every obstacle in my way of arranged the bloods with my own doc..by delaying giving us info & not returning mine or my docs calls, not giving my dh the correct collection botle for the tests & then they suggested that no-one else had ever asked to do this??

    then after leaving a message for one of the nurses the thurs in the week before, just asking a few general questions about ivf (as nothing had really been explained to me) up to weds this week I still had not got my call returned ,so was still asking about the same info…eventually they suggested that I had so many questions I prob needed to come for a consultation..
    ( sure I did at €130 a pop & more time off work.I dont tink so.) the nurse has now agreed to see us for a free review nest week..to explain some of whats ahead of us..

    My dh had a tese last week, to extract the semen from source..they left him home without this prescription for anti-biotic. now he was still a bit dopey from his sedation & did forget to ask, but they were working & forgot to give it to him..I took almost 45mins later that day trying to get the prescription from them..
    then yesterday dh had to come home from work as he felt he was gettin too sore to work.( not very nice place to be sore..if you know what I mean).
    he rang the clinic & asked to speak to one of the nurses & epxlained it was urgent..they sid nurse would ring him back..but he said he’d hold instead, it was urgent…eventually the nurse told him to take paracetamol & rest..
    he went to his own doc at home..& she felt it was gettin infected & prescribed a course of anti-biotics, which he took since yesterday evening..& hes now back in work 2day..
    Im loosing my patience with the way the clinic deals with us…
    & I know its not the right time for me to be feeling like this, I should have every confidence in them before heading into ivf..but theyre doing my head in..

    were scheduled in for ivf for feb..my next cycle should start end of next week,I have the pill at home ready to take..could be on that for 4-5 weeks nurse said..
    thats all I know..hope to know a bit more next week after review…

    How are you doin at the mo?? Whens your due date??
    sorry for all the venting, but its all just gettin to me at the mo…
    The thought of this not even working..is put to the back of my head..as I dont tink we will ahve another €8,000 to spare…

    Taks again for your reply..

    Talk soon,

  5. This is often a seriously great report. I’ll proper away get hold of your rss feed to stay reprised of any updates. Sound work and a whole lot of triumph in your company experiments!

  6. Hi Fiona,

    Me again..just an update…
    last post we were schedule for ivf for feb, but in Dec my Dda had a fall in the ice & had a bleed on his brain..He hasnt been well since & has had 2 brain surgeries since that time..
    in Feb we were told we only had hours left with him after a 2nd massive bleed on the brain (following a full recovery from the 1st bleed) , but he pulled through Thank God..
    He has some damage & is in rehab still, & will be for several months, we’ll never have him back as his former self, but we still have him.xx…
    This put my feb ivf on hold, so we went for it in March..
    I was on full meds..& after first 2 scans doc increased my injections to the max…but sadly we had to cancel the ivf this Tuesday due to low reaction …not enough follies to work with..
    Doc is hoping its to do with the stress of Dad (which has been the worst time ever) Im hoping so too & its not my age kicking in –now that were finally gettin to the root of the problem, Im goin to be too feckin old to make it work…
    Im off all meds on & waiting on af to arrive. Im gettin a few more bloods done this month coming & a mid month scan to see how the follies & ovaries are looking ( doc says my ovaries looked very smal & flat..!!)
    after this month out…all goin well we will try a natural cycle with no down regulation the following month & hope for the best…
    Just to keep you in the picture…
    Hows Harry?? He must be gettin big now..

    Hope your keepin well, talk again soon,


  7. Grainne – I’m so sorry to hear about your dad – what a horrible, stressful time you’ve been through. And then a cancelled IVF too – I’m so sad to hear that. My 2nd IVF was cancelled due to a very poor response to the drugs – only one small follicle. How many follicles did you have? I had only three on my first IVF and they went ahead anyway – 2 embryos, a positive pregnancy test but then another early miscarriage. Have you had your FSH tested recently? Chinese medicine does think that stress causes a rise in FSH and a subsequent poor response to stimulation.

    Are you still with Kilkenny? I hope you manage to get some rest and relaxation for the next month so you can get the best possible result the following month.

    Harry is great, thanks. He is 3 months old and massive. And very easy-going.

    Let me know how things go for you – fingers crossed for a better result next month.

    F xxx

  8. Hi Fiona,

    tanks for your reply…I only had one good size follice after being on the max amount of stimulation…2 others were smaller, but werent good enough…so we had to cancel.
    Im still waiting on af to arrive since the cancelled cycle, that will give us 1 month off to relax…& get a few more bloods done.Im gettin the fsh & a few others done..the LH E2 & AMH…& d doc will scan me during this month off to see how the follies are responding naturally…so she can judge better for the following month.
    Its still a streeful time, & dh has lost his job too..!! & now theres talk of rehab not working on my dad & him being in full time care & not ever coming home, which does upset me & in turn causes stress…Im hopin after this month off the follies will kick back in & start growing properly!!!
    I dont know if you remember I mentioned before my dh had tested positve for the sperm dna fragmentation test, which hes being medicated for & is on a low oestrogen diet to help reduce the frag level, well hes due to be re-tested in April,..
    Its been on my mind, if that was our main problem (as all my tests up to now have been fine) & dh test comes back fine, would it be worth trying again ourselves…to see if things work out naturally, or would I be mad to even think of goin again without any med help??? maybe its just me head working overtime!!!..

    anyhoo..tanks for listening..talk soon.

  9. Grainne – I’m sorry, I’ve only just seen your message. I’m set up to get email alerts whenever someone posts but it hasn’t been working properly in the last few months. I was just thinking about you and that you never posted news about your cycle and decided to see if I’d missed it.

    I can’t believe you’ve had so much bad news in the last while. I’m so sorry about the cycle being cancelled, that is so devastating and stressful. And to add to that the news about your dad and your DH’s job, I don’t know how you’re coping with it all.

    You have probably got the DNA fragmentation results by now. If they are ok, then yes, it would definitely by worth trying on your own. If not, will you try IVF again? Will the clinic try a different protocol? What does your doctor say about it?

    Hope you are ok and that some things have improved for you.

    F xxx

  10. Hi Fiona,

    no worries bout your reply, sure its great to get any reply at all…good to hear anothers thoughts on the situation..
    Hows Harry? hope hes a good little boy, he must be getting big by now..& well settled in …

    anyhoo..it was quite devastating to have to cancel the last cycle, ( I foolishly thought it would just work, as we have gotten preg so easily so many other times before just on our own) but it didnt work, & the follies just didnt respond. Def feel now it was down to the stress of what we were going through with Dad.

    were actually having our next ivf cycle this week…due for ec either weds or thurs..

    dh is still out of work & quite fed up with it all..dad is still in hospital & were now waiting on a full time bed in a local nursing home, he wont be coming home anytime soon…if ever..( hard to believe one fall could do so much damage to a perfectly healthy person) anyhoo..

    the dna frag test is back, since last week..and after 5 mths of medication & v difficult low oestrogen diet, the level has gotten worse..!! imagine..dh & myself are quite pissed off with that…so the idea of even trying ourselves is out the window..
    I have only 2 follies that have responded to the treatment this time…we cut out the down reg & only used stimulation this cycle, so were hopin (pinning all our hopes actually) on these 2 follies. I hope to God it works, as Ive never been so fed up with the whole thing. I feel the longer were at this
    (3 /half years now) the less we are learning, we learnt that the main prob was dh’s sperm fragmentation, now we cant fix this…& now it seems my eggs could also be a problem ( I wouldnt wonder, with all this taking so long to fix, Im now 39 since feb) were also waiting on results of an amh blood, will tell more bout quantity of eggs left..Another problem that cant be fixed, unless we go for donor eggs & donor sperm which I feel, really isnt our baby..Just thats how I feel..like Id be a suurogate for 2 other peoples baby…

    My head is a bit muddled with it all, Im not feeling very enthuastic about it all at the mo, very fed up…havnt even bothered to do any acupuncture this time, prob will get some after et…Just so down -wish we could get news about some aspect ….
    anyhoo….dats all from me at the min, sorry for the down beat message…just sometimes its quite difficult to be upbeat when you really feel your getting nowhere…

    anyhoo..talk again soon.


  11. Sorry to hear things haven’t got any better with your dad. My MIL has been in full-time care for five years now and it has been so hard on DH. For the first couple of years we hoped she would get home one day and it was really difficult for everyone to accept that it wasn’t going to happen. I hope your dad recovers well and makes it home.

    Your poor DH has a lot to contend with too – it must have been awful to find out the DNA frag results were even worse after all that effort. Please, please god you will get two good eggs and two good embryos out of this cycle. The very best of luck for EC this week and hopefully you won’t have to worry about what next.

    F xxx

  12. HI Fiona,

    unfortunately, we dont have a good story to report..hope we will at some point in the future, but beginning to wonder!!
    we only got to ec..& there was only 1 good egg…
    and we got a call the following morning to say it had fertilised abnormally..so ivf didnt go ahead..that was this day last week…
    it does seem now that my eggs are causing a problem too..so Im awaiting an AMH blood to let us know how bad the egg reserve actually is. this shud have been done 4 wks ago, but the clinic forgot to send it off..
    if this shows a bad results its egg donor…& abroad as the cost of this here is 12,000…& it can be dont abroad for 4,500…( BIG DIFFERENCE THERE!!)
    Anyhoo..Im looking into prices & waiting times & recommendations for clinics abroad at the mo, just to be ahead & be ready when get the AMH result back…
    then we’ll know what direction were goin in.

  13. I’m so sorry Grainne 🙁 It’s just not fair, you have been through so much already. But I am glad to see you’re happy to move ahead with treatments if necessary – I was the same, always making sure there was a backup plan. So you will get your baby one way or another.

  14. Hi Fiona,

    Just to let you know how we got on with our treatment…as you do seem to be in contact with a lots of press..etc..& I tink some of this is interesting..

    as I mentioned in my last post of May 21st, our last ( 2nd ivf ) didnt work out.
    My AMH came back very low, bordering menopausal..so with that we decided donor egg was for us ( I recoiled at the thought of this for us when I heard it first) the thought of a little of me never being passed down the line to my own kids did upset me..& I always imagined that I would have some genetic impact in my own child.
    anyhoo..Ive gotten over that..& this is the only was forward for us to have children.
    I looking into treatment abroad as I had said before, the cost of donor ivf here in Sims is €12,000. This is just for basic treatment, we would also need icsi..( because of dh’s sperm dna fragementatio issue) and we also wanted genetic testing to eliminate any possible future problems, ( due to my recurrent miscarriages) so the actul costs here would have been several thousand more than €12,000.
    The cost of treatment where we went ( Zlin clinic Czech Rep) was €3,900. ( a considerable difference!) as my dh is out of work since feb this year & we are at the end of four years of all sorts of treatments etc for this, our bank balance is considerably low…so money was indeed a factor in our decision..but I did check out several other things & had communications with other sucessful clients to this clinic. They had quite a short wait period, they are connected to a university, so they have a constant fresh supply of proven tested donors..& their sucess rates are very good..so we decided to go there.
    our treatment was 2 wks ago & we tested positive last week. Obviously Very early days ( & Ive been here before with my natural pregnancies -only to end in miscarrige 7 times, so Im waiting til my first scan in 2 wks to celebrate)
    but it a positive story…
    I find the details of whats available here in Ireland ( especially cost wise is so ridiculous….we are being so taken for a ride with these clinics in terms of costs….its not right..

    But just wanted to share our news & the details..
    hope to have a more def pos note after scan in 2 wks time!!

    Talk again soon..
    Hope your own little Harry is doing well!!


  15. Oh Grainne, that is the most wonderful news!!!! I’m so glad that things moved so quickly for you and that you had the courage to keep going.

    Hoping for a positive update soon!

  16. Hi Fiona,

    I just see your reply..Im still doind ok, at 9 & half weeks at the mo..& no complaints…so hopefully this one will stick..

    Wish there was more interest & investigation into the costs of treatments here..there has been some programmes bringin up the subject of late..hopefully something might come of it all..its awfully expensive for people, especially in this climate when people can really be excluded from having their chance of having children because of lack of funds..

    anyhoo..tanks for the reply.

  17. That is brilliant Grainne, hope it all goes smoothly from now.

    I have just set up a charity to address the cost of treatment and to raise money for couples who can’t afford private treatment – http://www.pomegranate.ie. Hopefully some good will come of it!

    Keep me posted!

  18. Hi Fiona,

    I have seen this charity and what a great idea it is…
    some fortunate couple/ couples will get to avail of this, its a fantastic idea..Well done to you…Its brilliant.

    I really am interested in making people aware of the high prices for the various fertility treatments here in ireland compared to the costs abroad.
    I have emailed the tax office to try and get the clinic I attended & others added to the list of clinics you can claim tax back in relation to medical expenses….
    hopefully some good might come of it..its amazing how many Irish are going abroad now for treatment, bacuase of lower costs away from home.

    talk soon,


  19. So presently, you can’t claim back any medical expenses incurred abroad? Well done on trying to get something done about it.

    Hope your pregnancy is going well.

  20. Hi Fiona,

    well you can actually claim back through your tax ( Med 1 form) for some clinics / hospitals abroad, but as yet there are no clinics / hospitals on the list from Czech Rep…which is where a lot of Irish are goin to for treatment which is a fraction of the costs of the same treatment here…e.g. typical ivf with icsi here can be up to €6000..here and is only €1900 in Czech ( in more than one clinic there too..)
    and donor ivf is €12,000 here (without meds or icsi etc) and its €3,900 all included ( poss extra €500 for meds) in Czech…
    soa big difference…and most health insurance co dont cover for ivf..though Quinn do a once in a lifetime €1000 back on ivf treatment…

    still awaiting reply from Health Board..but Ill keep on at them..Hopefully with a good outcome for everyone…

  21. Hi Fiona…

    Just an update…finally got to talk to someone in the Dept. of Finance this week. ( someone who returns phonce calls & knows what theyre talking about!!- makes a change!)
    anyhoo..it seems, if where you got your treatment isnt listed on the list of hospitals that we ( Irish people) can claim on our tax Med 1 form…we can request the addition of any other hopsital to this list.
    This involves gettin a letter from the hospital in question to say they provide 24hr care..& a brief explanation of their hospital, together with a letter from their respective health Board to back it up & also a letter from the person recommending the addition of this hospital to the list…this you submit to the Depf. of Finance…
    On the other hand if where you attended for your treatment is a clinic ( i.e. does not provide 24hr care ) it seems we can automatically claim back fro treatments in clinics on our Med 1 form…
    Im delighted as we did attend a clinic..so I can get back 20% of what we spent..I never thought that would happen..

    Just wanted to let you know…as you might let others know of this situation, it might help & encourage others..knowing they can get money back to ally some of the high costs…

    Talk soon,
    Grainne ( 18wks, & counting..all healthy & goin well T.G.)

  22. I feel like my butt thighs and hips look like someone took skin colored molding clay and stuck it their. Thats what the BULGES look like to me. Gaining 30lbs after my second baby has been a reall yhard thing for me to deal with. Well I am not dealing with it. I hate the way I look now. I hate going shopping. No tank-tops, and definately no bathing suit. YUCK!. My body is just not shedding the way. I am 9months postpartum, and I have a 2 yr old. My Dr. says to be patient. Yeah right!

  23. Hi Fiona…

    nice to hear from you…I didnt post here for a while when I saw the spam..didnt tink you were still reading here…

    Im doing fine..great actually..Thank God, finally were just there, only 5 weeks to go..
    we have an appointment with the gynae today..so he says with my history, he might bring me in on 39th week..so possibly only 4 wks to go!!!!

    but all good..& cant fauly Zlin & the treatment that we had that got us here…& since weve been I have been able th eclaim back 20% of the cost of our treatment in that clinic..so that a plus..also others from Ireland are going there the whole time…so hopefully people will get to hear of the good quality, affordably priced treatment available outside Ireland…as the costs here are prohibiting some couple of a family…its just so not right…

    But tanks for thinking of me…& hopefully on my next post, Ill be telling you if we had a boy or girl!!!!

    Hope Harry is being good for you, he must be getting big now..any longings to start again??!!!

    talk again soon,


  24. Fab news Grainne – almost there! Let me know when you have some news.

    As for me, I am done. I’ve had plenty of longings but luckily I have a sensible husband who refuses to entertain any of my crazy notions. And really, I am just so happy with my three, I feel like it couldn’t be any better.

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  27. Hi Fiona,
    hows things with you..our gorgous baby girl arrived on 17th May..Thank God…Life has just started for all of us in this house!!! shes a little dream…just so pretty…Cant believe shes here after all our waiting…almost 5 yrs…
    Had a read of your post on your main page..breastfeeding & fertility..Im feeding lyself..& have a longing already..to take advantage of whatever fertile time we might be given…as we might never get this change again..
    might get back you with a few more questions when the time is right & Im more tuned into everything…

    Anyhoo.better go into bed.get sum sleep before night feed!!!

  28. Fantastic Grainne! Wonderful, wonderful news. So delighted to read your happy ending. I know what you mean that life has started, like you can finally start breathing and looking around you and finding joy in small things. Hope you are all having a wonderful time and feel free to ask whatever you want.

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