Feebee – CD4

What’s going on? Looks like I had a 1-day AF, an OPK reckons I’m having a LH surge, and my final HPT tells me to stop being ridiculous and get on with my life. Anyone have an explanation?

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  1. Christ Feebee, you poor thing… life is so unfair sometimes. I have been out of the loop for a few days and didn’t get a chance to post here. my dad is in hospital but is doing fine (he is 75 so not unexpected) He is in good form and it puts life in perspective. I am glad that you took some time out for you and your family, its hard sometimes to remember that things are still OK and life goes on..you are lucky to have such a lovely DH and cutie DS. I have no advice re your 1 day AF, it sounds like you cycle is still all over the place though. Hopefully buying 50HPTs will be the sods law that it was for me, I got to give them all away! hope you are still OK and talk soon.


  2. Hi Feebee,
    Do you chart temps?It can be another way of being obsessive but for me has helped a lot. Since body temps go up after ovulation & down with AF there is less of that illogical could I be pregnant when your gut knows how unlikely it is.

    In my experience you can have all kinds of bleeding post MC from light to heavy- your hormones are out of wack. You asked how I dealt with my MC’s…well I was heartbroken each time but lucky enough to become pregnant relatively soon after each one- until my March miscarraige. As you are undoubtably MUCH younger than I you have a terrific chance of conceiving reasonably soon- it won’t take the sadness away completely as you loved that baby as soon as you conceived it I’m sure-but it helps!

    Again,much good luck to you,

  3. Sadie – hope your dad recovers well and that you’re coping ok. You must have had your scan on Thurs – how did it go?

    Lisau – I don’t chart temps. I was never sure I’d have the patience for it before, but if nothing happens in the next cycle I might give it a go. As for being much younger than you, I’m 35 (DH is 32) so I’m already an “older” mum!

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