Feebee – CD12

TTC has finally taken over my life. My friend’s mother died yesterday, and attending the removal and funeral will involve one and maybe two nights away from home, and more importantly, DH. I have no problem rearranging work and home life, but this will take place at O time, so I’m torn between doing the right thing and sneaking off early to ensure I am not away from DH for two nights. I’ll probably stay as long as I can on the 2nd day (day of funeral), then drive home through the night, having warned DH to be ready to welcome me with open arms in the early hours.

We’re in full-on TTC mode at the moment, and we’re making an extra effort so it doesn’t become an ordeal. So far, so good. Also doing plenty of knicker-watching – have had lots of watery CM for the last couple of days, not sure what this means, if anything. Have had zero on OPK so far, but not expecting that until at least tomorrow.

Seems like my hormones haven’t had time to settle down yet. Spent yesterday morning sobbing over such important issues as how much I love DH and DS, and how much I miss John Peel. Soon after, I spent a 20 mile car journey singing (unaccompanied) at the top of my voice and freaking out/pissing off DH. A couple of days after my miscarriage, despite an overwhelming feeling of loss and sadness, I kept getting rushes of “high” and fits of giggles. I was fully aware that these feelings resulted from chemical processes, and just waited for them to pass. Same yesterday. Had a fun solo singsong though!

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  1. Oh we have done that too during our travels… TTC consumes you almost all the time! It becomes an obsession. You are doing the right thing only because I have done it before.

    Sorry to hear of loss of your friends mother. You are ver thoughtful to go to the funeral and if you sneak off to create a new life, there is nothing wrong with it…

  2. Thanks for the support JTL. I left a message for you on my previous post (as I couldn’t leave a message on your blog). Just wanted to say congrats on the birth of your niece, and in particular how you bravely you handled it.

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