Feebee – 8 DPO

I’m feeling slightly saner today. Tested again yesterday (why, why?), BFN, not even a shadow of a line. So Saturday’s must have been an evaporation line 🙁 I looked at the remaining HPTs this morning (only 5 left!) and thought “don’t be ridiculous”, so some element of normality is resumed.

No symptoms to report really. No night pee, no cramps, boobs still have that slight ache behind them but not tender. I had some creamy CM yesterday morning, but hardly any since. I do feel really tired today though, not in a sleepy way, just feel lacklustre and heavy.

I did find one piece of interesting information on my Google rampage last night – apparently OPKs can show + for pregnancy, as HCG and LH are almost identical. Obviously it’s not recommended that one rely on this, but as I have about 30 OPKs and only 5 HPTs, I may conduct an “experiment”.

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  1. Tick tock tick tock, nearly at your official testing day and your big bfp.
    Just heard that a friend is pg & due in April – even more desperate for my bfp now.

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