Feebee – 8 DPO

Looks like it might be all over again for this month. Had cramping in lower abdomen last night (stronger than before but not as strong as pre-AF cramps last month), so guessed it was either implantation or AF. I also had pain in the left side of my abdomen, similar to O pain, so was not giving up just yet. No other symptoms apart from unbelievable exhaustion by about 9.30pm.

Another BFN this morning. No symptoms (apart from feeling demented) and no CM, until I got into work and noticed sticky yellow/brown CM on my pants. When I wiped there was clear CM with blobs of brown – exactly like last month. Since then I have felt mild cramps and a sick feeling I usually get with AF (probably compounded by sick feeling about TTC in general). I haven’t given up all hope just yet, but maybe I should so I can get on with things. No need to say how devastated I feel right now.

I am also worried about my short LP. I never kept track of my cycle before TTC this time, but in the last 6 months I have noticed that my LP is never longer than about 10 days, and has been 7 days. However, I did get pregnant in August, so maybe it’s not a problem. Must spend several hours online now looking into it!

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  1. Have you tried looking into seeing a doctor regarding that?? I know nothing about LP as I have my own “issues”… I could look into it for you…

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