Feebee – 7 DPO

Of course I did. Of course it was BFN. Thought I saw a line that wasn’t an evaporation line (and believe me, I know the life cycle of the BFN saveontests/testsforless dipstick HPT a lot better than the back of my hand), but am well aware that if my mind is going to play tricks, now’s the best time to do it.

So, back to symptom analysing. Boobs a bit achy this morning, but not sore to the touch and not even achy any more. Slight AF cramping earlier but none now. Lots of flutters in lower abdomen last night and slight pinching this morning. A small amount of creamy CM. No nausea. Had a restless night thinking about the outcome of all of this, and DH didn’t sleep much worrying about his mother. Did have to get up to pee, but only as I was awake anyway. One symptom I had in August (pregnant cycle) that made me think I might be pregnant was a hunger ache, which I recognised from my first pregnancy. I first reported this at 5dpo (!) and it continued on and off until my m/c. Haven’t had this at all this time.

In August, I posted on Magic Mum at 7dpo that I had no symptoms but was absolutely convinced I was pregnant. I just had a feeling that it would be our month, even before the 2ww began. I’m still feeling positive this month, but lack that certainty. Only time will tell!

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