I hope I haven’t hurt anyone’s feelings but I have given up doing all the extra stuff on Facebook.

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  1. i played around with some of that stuff at the start – but its all really crap and pointless. such a waste of time.

    networking and communicating, not time wasting.

  2. I can’t even think up anything to put in the status update any more. Feebee is…..none of your business!

  3. Hi Dee, I accidently came across your site yesterday by googling 2 week wait and felt I had to write. I have sat and read through everyone of your blogs since Sept 2005 and have laughed and cryed. I am infact on the very start of my journey (A short journey I hope, but who knows) I am on my first 2 week wait and have found your posts to be an eye opener and a little distraction from the waiting game. – I never imagined the power of the test!! It is sitting in my drawer calling me. I wont test until tomorrow though.

    A bit of a useless comment here, but I just wanted to send something.

    Lots of love and luck to you and your growing family


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