This time last year…

My beautiful, clever, adventurous, happy girl is one today. Best year of my life.

She is almost walking unaided, says a few words – mama, dada, baba, hiya, peekaboo, ball (ba), bottle (bobo), bear (beh), feed me (nom nom), has eventually started to grow some gorgeous blonde curls, loves music and dancing, loves books, gives big hugs and wet kisses, giggles constantly with her big brother and smiles nearly all the time. Best little girl ever.


I have wanted to write about Anna for a long time now but for various reasons, it has not happened.  I may post about her, and about the reasons I no longer post much, in the new year.  For now, here are some of the highlights of her first six months.

9 weeks9 weeksJohn and Anna (3 months)Anna (4 months) and Mum5 months
4 months6 monthsJames and Anna (6 months)

Tomorrow we officially welcome her into the world.  For the first time in ages (about six months probably), I am weepy as I think about what we went through to make her and how darn wonderful our lives have been since she arrived.  Not a moment goes by that I don’t consider how much she (and my boys) means to me and how lucky I am to know her.

I wish a peaceful Christmas and a fertile new year to all.

Deno – how are you?

Anna’s arrival

Here is my short and sweet (and illustrated!) birth story….

Despite being told I was ready to go at any time from my due date, baby was not in any hurry so I was scheduled for an induction at ten days over. My waters were broken at 9am in the hope that that would kickstart labour without the need for any further intervention.


We were left to wander around the hospital grounds for a few hours.


By 12pm I wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable so I was started on the oxytocin drip. It was done in small increments so the pains were completely manageable. By about 2pm I was breathing through the contractions no problem and was surprised when the midwife suggested getting the epidural. She said (and DH wholeheartedly agreed) that there was no point in waiting until I had to get it and I would have to get it eventually – she wanted to crank up the oxytocin and really get things moving. But about two minutes after the epidural went in, I started to have serious contractions in my bum! The midwife examined me and I was fully dilated. Almost instantly I felt the urge to push. She told me to wait two minutes while she got her tray together and called my obs. I panted obediently and as soon as she got back, I had to push. This stage was hard as I had only been given a little bit of epidural and it hadn’t really kicked in yet. But I pushed and I pushed and I pushed and within no time at all a little head popped out. One more push and there she was – the little girl we’d waited over three years to meet.


She weighed 8 lbs 2 oz.


Mum and dad were very proud.



And big brother couldn’t contain his excitement – he arrived while I was still in the labour room!


All in all, a fantastic induction and birth experience. Would do it all again in a heartbeat if I could. Can’t believe I have two children now!


And here she is now – Anna Elizabeth, the sweetest little girl in the world:


Park pics

Anyone remember that great camera I got for my birthday a while back? Well, I never gave it the time it deserved up until recently but am now happily making my way through manuals and manual settings.