At last, a wish come true

I am sick. Since Wed I have been feeling so terribly nauseous that I can’t concentrate on anything else. All I can do is get through the day minute by minute and hope for a lull so I can get some work done. It eased up a little over the weekend and of course the familiar dread took advantage of the gap in my attention to make itself know again. So for now, horrible as it is, I am very happy to be sick. It’s not that I think that strong symptoms guarantee a healthy pregnancy – I know well that they don’t. It’s more that when I am sick, I have no time, space or energy to worry about anything else. And I would rather feel like shit than feel the fear.

Today is International Baby Loss Awareness Day. Anyone affected by pregnancy or neo-natal loss is invited to join in the “wave of light” and light a candle at 7pm.

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  1. Yay for nausea!! Great news! Delighted to hear you are feeling rough pet, in the nicest possible way. It isn’t a guarantee but it is a good sign. Hang in there little bean!

  2. Great to hear this Feebee. I was getting a little worried when there was no news!! Just think this time next year, how wonderful it will be!

  3. I love reading your posts- I worry when I don’t “hear” from you, and I am overjoyed to hear you are sick (iykwim)…

    I loved being sick, feeling sick etc etc I know it doesn’t guarantee a healthy preg as you say but in a stange way it made me feel better. I hope it does you too.

    When is your next scan?

    dee 1 (MM) xx

  4. I never knew that there was a special day for baby loss, my thoughts go out to anyone who has lost a child, and my mother who lost 4. At 67 she is still saddened at what could have been but has learned to live with it. At least there is some recognition for it now.

    Feebee, I am so thrilled for you as you must be your self. my thoughts are always with you.

  5. Never thought I’d be glad that somebody is so sick they can hardly think..but I am. I’m glad you have the distraction from the unending worry, and the knowledge that that your baby is producing a bloody good lot of hormones if you’re feeling crap.

    ps, Never knew it was Baby Loss Awareness Day (despite losing two of my own). Thanks for letting me know.

  6. Feebee,
    So happy to hear that your wishes are coming true. Nobody deserves it more.

    I’m sad that I didn’t know about Baby Loss Awareness Day, I would have lit a candle for my lost Angels.

    Incidentally, I read in a magazine lately that Prof Lesley Regan’s clinic in London, which carries out research into recurrent miscarriage, is under threat of closure. They need to raise £1million stg asap for building refurbs, otherwise building regulations/health and safety will close them down. I think their website is called . Definately worth spreading the word.

    I wish you continued sickness for the weeks to come ;o)

  7. Feebee eat some green apples great for the nausea.

    But then you prob don’t want it to go away!

    Great to see you are doing so well! Funny how MS can be considrered as a positive.

  8. Congratulations on having official morning sickness. I have to say though, since I am a little behind you I am watching you closely. I was hoping I was off the hook since at 6 wks 5 days I have had no morning sickness. I think I will be ok not getting it. But I totally understand your embracing the symptoms!

  9. Feebee,
    I’m not sure where to start. Somehow I stumbled upon this website in my internet rambling. I just found out this past Sunday that I am pregnant for the fifth time. It always feels a bit like winning the lottery when I see the second line appear in the window of the test strip. Yet, I have not carried any of the previous pregnancies to term. There are no real words that speak of the loss and lonliness that I have felt in these past two years that I have been trying to have a child. The last miscarrige left my husband and I so depressed that we weren’t even having sex. And now quite unexpectedly (we had sex one time)we are pregnant again. The fact that I get preganat easily is no consolation as the problem lies in carrying a pregnancy to term. Like always I feel no symptoms and that worries me. I have not scheduled a doctor appointment because it seems that everytime I go it is just another dissappointment. I don’t know if I can handle the same people looking at me with the same sad concerned eyes. So I will wait and make an appointment for the 8wk mark (I estimate I am about 5wks. Since I never make it past 8 that will be the 1st hurdle for me to aim for. In the meantime I will focus on breathing…thanks for your posts.

  10. Feebee, will say a prayer – wish for a little magic for you that whatever being up there will grant your wish……

    look after yourself and your little bean…..

  11. Thanks! Next scan Tues.

    Jane – thanks, I hadn’t heard that. I’ve been referred to that clinic, should get an appt next May or June.

    Anon – thanks for sharing your story and I really, really hope this one works out for you. Have you had any tests done? Are you on any support meds?

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