I have wanted to write about Anna for a long time now but for various reasons, it has not happened.  I may post about her, and about the reasons I no longer post much, in the new year.  For now, here are some of the highlights of her first six months.

9 weeks9 weeksJohn and Anna (3 months)Anna (4 months) and Mum5 months
4 months6 monthsJames and Anna (6 months)

Tomorrow we officially welcome her into the world.  For the first time in ages (about six months probably), I am weepy as I think about what we went through to make her and how darn wonderful our lives have been since she arrived.  Not a moment goes by that I don’t consider how much she (and my boys) means to me and how lucky I am to know her.

I wish a peaceful Christmas and a fertile new year to all.

Deno – how are you?

14 Replies to “Anna”

  1. She’s a little dote Fiona, totally the image of you.

    Have a lovely Christmas with her in the world! It’s Maebh’s first Christmas too.

  2. Hi Fiona,

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Anna is adorable, her eyes are HUGE!! how much she has grown. I am 29 weeks as of yesterday. Doing really well, had a 3D scan done a couple of weeks ago and got to see my little lad up close. Loads of black hair (my hubby is Iranian) so I was expecting that. I am due March 12th, who knows I may make it to St. Patrick’s day.

    I don’t check in here too often anymore as you stopped posting. I am sure you have a good reason, hope everything is okay though. Your blog offered so much insight to man., I for one may have given up had it not been for your blog and others. It really gave me hope and most of all courage to keep trying. Hopefully you can get back at it and make a difference in someone elses life.


  3. Hi fiona,
    I’m intrigued! Anna is beautiful and I’m sure you have had a wonderful Christmas together.
    Delighted to hear Deno’s good news too and all that is going well.

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